About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Keela. I am the founder/director of Enhanced Health NZ and The Menstrual Movement. I have striven to make a difference since 2006 to empower, educate and support menstruating humans. Supporting those that need affordable sustainable menstrual products and providing education around them.

I decided end of 2018 to put all our information onto an informative platform to help others learn more about menstrual products. Ten months later  The Menstrual Movement was launched!!

My Passion

My passion is sustainable eco products, helping and educating those that are interested in switching to menstrual cups, period underwear and menstrual cloth pads find the right product for them. Providing an empowering and educational resource with all the information in one place to help answer all those questions from A-Z.

Our Mission

My mission is to continue to remove the stigma around periods, and continue to create a period positive movement. Our even bigger mission is donating menstrual pads to organizations or schools to be distributed to those in need. I have done this on a small scale for the past 10 years and now I have bigger goals to work towards zero waste periods and ensure everyone has access to reusable menstrual products. We are working hard to gather more donations of fabrics, funds and volunteers to help us sew and supply menstrual packs to those in need. Our goal is to distribute 2000 menstrual packs throughout 2020. See our How Can I Help page or Join Our Volunteer Program to find out more information. 

Our sister website Enhanced Health NZ  also has a full range of products which we take a % of our sales to purchase supplies and products to support our Menstrual Movement Initiative. We create reusable menstrual pad packs which are then donated to various organizations.

We currently have a wait list of over 300 pad packs for various organizations and people waiting to distribute these packs throughout NZ and overseas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see all NZ business and individuals work together to tackle period poverty and environmental causes. Together looking after and protecting our children and planet. Creating a period positive movement.