Apply For Pad Kits

If you are an organization, school, community worker or other and would like to receive pad packs to distribute to girls, ladies and menstruate-rs in need please fill out our application form and join our wait list. We will review your application and let you know when our pad kits become available. We currently have an overwhelming demand.

We have many that are doing their own fundraising in order to purchase these kits at cost to distribute. We have a few option's available to enable you to purchase these. These are not available for individuals to purchase for personal use. Please contact us if you need help and we can chat through your options.

We also provide education on how the kits are used and how to wash instructions. It is very important that those you are distributing the kits to are well informed on how they work and are cared for. The resources we provide are aimed to provide confidence and create a period positive movement. Empowering our youth and menstruators.