Can I Use A Cup With A Low Cervix?

Can I use a cup with a low cervix or prolapse?

Many women with a low cervix can wear a cup. There are cups designed especially for low cervix's, and the cup is stout and bell shaped rather than long. Women also find it more comfortable to trim or completely remove the stem.

Another suggestion for a low cervix is to turn the cup inside out and insert it this way: turning it inside out creates a shorter, wider cup which allows some women to achieve a better fit. It still works well with greater comfort.

Many women with a slight prolapse can wear a cup. Be sure to carefully squeeze the cup and loosen the seal before removing, so as not to cause any undue stress on your cervix/prolapse from excess tugging. The type of cup size and firmness will depend on the type of prolapse you have. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Some women with a more serious prolapse cannot use a menstrual cup. This is because the prolapse doesn’t leave enough room for the cup (or tampons) to sit.

If you have any doubts about whether the menstrual cup is ideal for you, we recommend you speak to a physiotherapist who specialists in prolapses and pelvic floor care.

If you are unsure of your cervix height check out our "How to Find Your Cervix" blog here.