Can My Cup Get Lost or Stuck?

No! Thankfully, your vagina is not a wardrobe in Narnia, and your cup never to be seen again!

Your vagina has no openings big enough for your cup to get lost in.

Although it can feel a bit alarming to not be able to locate the cup at first, don’t panic!

Take a deep breath. Wash your hands, and gently probe with your index finger for the cup.

Bare down to bring the cup lower.

Grasp the stem of the cup and gently pull down until you can reach it enough to slightly squeeze and break the seal.

Bare down again while you gently pull on the cup.

If that doesnt work, try squatting and use your pelvic floor muscles to bear down. It may take a few minutes to bare down and relax and repeat to slowly move your cup down until you can reach it.

For cups that feel stuck ensure you are pinching the base of the cup (not the stem) to break the suction. You can also insert a finger up the side of your cup and push the cup wall in slightly to break the seal and make it easier to remove.