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Not available until March 2020

If you liked our light flow brief then you are going to love our new moderate to heavy flow low rise and mid rise brief which have been 18 months in the making!!

* Special offer, pre order any 5 pair of Ecobird underwear and receive a wash bag for FREE!!

Low Rise Brief  a boy leg fit which gives a comfortable fit around the leg, great bottom coverage and sits on the hips. Find your measurements here.

Ecobird period knickers are made with hi tech absorbent and leak proof fabrics. They look and feel just like your normal underwear yet will hold up to approx 3 regular pads or tampons worth. While being super absorbent they are super trim measuring 3mm thick through the gusset so you don't feel like you are wearing a massive bulky pad.

We have designed the absorbent gusset slight longer so you get good coverage front and back!!

50% of our underwear sales are donated to our Menstrual Movement Initiative which will fund period kits for those in need.

How Much Will They Hold?

Our Quick Dry range are designed to suit most flow periods and will hold up to 3 regular tampons or pads worth or 2 super tampons or pads worth.

What Styles Do You Have?

The first styles to be released in our range are our Low Rise Brief and Mid Rise Brief.

  • Low Rise Brief is a boy leg fit which gives a comfortable fit around the leg, great bottom coverage and sits on the hips.
  • Mid Rise Brief gives you the comfort of the boy leg style which gives a comfortable fit around the leg, but sits high enough so the waist band is positioned to hold that tummy in. This style was designed specifically for our many customers that wanted something to hold in that "roll" or "post baby" tummy.
  • Bikini Brief this is a traditional bikini brief style..... coming soon.

How Long Can I Wear Them For?

You can wear them as long as you would wear 2-3 tampons or pads for before you need to change.

Do They Leak?

No, with the breathable leak proof layer you can wear with confidence. Provided you change them when they need to be changed you wont get leaks. Golden Rule.... wear to your flow so if your flow is a bit heavier you may need to change more often.

Do They Smell?

No,  the fabrics used help reduce odors. Many customers find that with reusable period underwear or pads that there is no odor that is often associated with using disposable pads.

Can I Wear Overnight?

Yes you can, however for night time we recommend our Quick Dry night time kickers (due Jan) which give you coverage right up the back and front. A fantastic option for back or front bleeders, they prevent those night time leaks.

What Are They Made From?

After 13 years of working with fabrics in our cloth menstrual pads and 18 months of testing various fabrics and countless samples we are super happy with the quality of the hi tech fabrics Ecobird Knickers use. 

Our underwear consist of 3 important layers.

The first layer is a bamboo fabric layer which helps to keep you feeling dry and acts as an antibacterial layer to help prevent odor.

The 2nd layer is the absorbent layer, it is quick absorbing micro fiber blend which draws the fluid into the middle of the underwear.

The 3rd layer is a breathable yet waterproof layer that prevents the fluid going through your underwear.

They 4th outer layer of your underwear is a beautiful soft bamboo fabric which is known for its antibacterial and eco properties. It contains 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.

We have carefully select fabrics to ensure you get underwear that provides you with comfort and durability, lasting you many years.

Can I Use For Bladder Leakage?

Absolutely, our period underwear range are also suitable bladder leaks.

How Do I Wash Them?

They are machine washable on a cold wash. We recommend using a delicate's wash bag to prolong the life of your underwear. After use, rinse in cold water until water runs clear and wash. We recommend rinsing then placing into a bucket until you do a load of washing. You can soak in cold water for up to 6 hours. Do no use fabric softer or bleach. Do not iron. Line dry in the sun.

Where Are They Made?

Ecobird Underwear are designed in New Zealand and are made in China.

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