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 The Me Luna® SHORTY Cups are 30% shorter than normal menstrual cups. This product line was designed for women who need shorter cups due to their gynecological conditions.

The Me Luna® SHORTY sizes are commonly used:

  • by women who  have a very low cervix during menstruation
  • by women who  have a very short vaginal canal
  • by women who  have a prolapsed uterus


Small Size

Dimensions: greatest diameter 38mm, length 35mm without grip.

Volume: 15ml to the brim, 8ml to the holes.

Medium Size

Dimensions: greatest diameter 41mm, length 38mm without grip.

Volume: 18ml to the brim, 10ml to the holes.

Large Size

Dimensions: greatest diameter 44mm, length 41mm without grip.

Volume: 22ml to the brim, 14ml to the holes.

Xlarge Size

Dimensions: greatest diameter 47mm, length 44mm without grip.

Volume: 27ml to the brim, 16ml to the holes.

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